Pipeline integrity solutions provided that are carefully excavated, inspected and repaired.

Terrafirma pipeline integrity solutions include :

  • Correlation & Verification pipeline Integrity Dig Programs (3” – 42”)
  • Nitrogen Purge, Pipeline Repair and Cut-Out Programs (3” – 42”)
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic Resets
  • Pipeline lowering
  • Pipeline Abandonments
  • Pig Barrel Fabrication / Pipe Modifications
  • Pipeline Class Upgrade Programs

The process includes a segment of pipe that is excavated and inspected using nondestructive examination methods.  Repairs are then completed as required and then site is backfilled and restored.

These processes require careful planning and preparation, including conducting environmental assessments, obtaining approvals and permits from landowners, first nations and municipal authorities.

Terrafirma is focused on ensuring pipelines continue to operate safely and reliably while minimizing the impact on the environment and ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.