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We strive to complete all projects in an efficient and professional manner while paying strict attention to and abiding by safety, quality, industry and legislative requirements.

Terrafirma Resources was developed in 1999 and is located west of Red Deer and completes projects throughout Western Canada.  This company is a female owned and operated business with a solid reputation for providing innovative, cost effective solutions with quality workmanship and timely delivery.

Pipeline Construction
 Pipeline Integrity
Facility Construction
Modular Construction
Transportation and heavy hauling

Our Clients

Together We Live Our Values.

Every member of the Terrafirma team shares responsibility for our results, our reputation and each other. Our core values of Integrity, Safety and Quality guide our decisions and interactions every day and are key to maintaining trust and confidence in Terrafirma.



  • Maintain a compass of moral truth
  • Always do the right thing, for the client, community, environment and each other
  • Personal responsibility
  • Commit to follow through
  • Commit to personal and collective growth



  • Relentlessly commit to the safety of our communities, clients, contractors, partners and each other
  • Proactively identify and mitigate safety issues
  • Hazard identification and mitigation above all else
  • Continually endeavor to improve safety awareness and performance



  • Endeavor to build, create and maintain the highest quality skilled labor and subcontractors whom consistently deliver
  • Continually train and support our people, building strong leaders at every level
  • Supply quality equipment and tools to ensure performance
  • Terrafirma operates as team treating all members equally & embracing uniqueness
  • Diversity is our superpower

Our Communities


  • Seek ways to support and strengthen the communities we live and work in
  • Recognize each other for being strong leaders in the community
  • Create ways all members of the team can contribute to our communities
  • Endeavor to respectfully represent ourselves, our company and our clients in the communities that we live and work

 The Environment


  • Consider the potential short and long term environmental impacts before proceeding with any activity
  • Consistently strive to minimize our environmental footprint
  • Leave the working area better than we found it

Each Other


  • Build team members up and share knowledge
  • Constantly endeavor to grow and develop ourselves and each other
  • Terrafirma is a team, collaboratively work together to achieve common goals
  • Celebrate everyone’s successes
  • Encourage strong mental health amongst team members.
  • Encourage growth mindsets
  • Emotionally uplift each other

Our Services


As a midsized company, we believe in a hands on approach to all aspects of our business.  We take the time to work with our clients, determine their needs and deliver effective solutions.

Terrafirma specializes in pipeline construction and facility construction.  We have dedicated, experienced crews and provide excellent quality equipment.

Pipeline & Facility Construction  
Shop Fabrications
Civil Construction


We are known for safely completing quality projects. Find out more about our Safety awards and training programs.

Operational Support

Terrafirma crews are serving the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. View our office locations across the 4 western provinces.


Terrafirma has job openings and is always looking for qualified professionals to join our team.